Bulletin Board

Hello DJs! Welcome to the K-UTE DJ Portal. Updates regarding the station will be posted here. Please check this bulletin board every time you log in for a show. For those new to the process please take some time to familiarize yourself with the portal.

Reminder: When you are leaving, make sure to put on the ITunes playlist on shuffle.

The first two links under DJ Resources are the most important and you will be accessing these each time you are on air.

1. The first thing you will open as you begin your show is the "Record Your Program Log" under the DJ Resources tab. You must fill out the program log as you go. The intention of the program log is to help track our air-time and to keep our staff aware of any issues as soon as they come up. This program log is partially there as a reminder for certain radio techniques (front-announcing, back-announcing, station IDs, etc.), but it will also allow for our staff to monitor your progress as a DJ.

An example of what the form should look like is as follows:


2. The second thing you will open as you being your show is the "Publish Your Playlist" link under the DJ Resources tab. You are still charting the songs you play on the playlist, but you are also now inputting the record label from which the song came.


Note: If you are having trouble finding the label for a certain song because you are finding it off the internet, is to look up the specific on wikipedia. On the right hand side there will be a label listed. In the past, our staff has gone to great lengths to find the label after the fact, but we simply do not have the resources available to dedicate to this anymore, so this is now DJ responsibility.

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