K-UTE Staff

Station Manager
Sean Halls
Email: moc.liamg|sllah.naes#moc.liamg|sllah.naes
Phone: 801-558-8834

Assistant Station Manager
Mick Johnson

Assistant General Manager
Peter Rugh
Email: moc.liamg|hguretep#moc.liamg|hguretep
Phone: 801-836-7384

Program Director
Jake Moore
Email: moc.liamg|ekajnahteroom#moc.liamg|ekajnahteroom
Phone: 801-755-3422

Director of Music
Nicole Paul
Email: moc.liamg|094pelocin#moc.liamg|094pelocin
Phone: 801-428-7030

Director of Sports
Nate Terry
Email: moc.nsm|yrretetan#moc.nsm|yrretetan

Director of News & Journalism
Jake Hibbard
Phone: 406-490-9787

Sales & Promotion
Sahil Mehta
Email: moc.liamg|oillih#moc.liamg|oillih
Phone: 801-635-5347

Chief Announcer
Adrian Simon
Email: moc.liamtoh|77nomisnairda#moc.liamtoh|77nomisnairda
Phone: 801-654-6186

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