Marketing Your Show

Here is my down and dirty guide to getting listeners. The more work you put in, the more listeners you'll get. Plain and simple. Speaking from experience, consistency is the most important factor in establishing a listener base. So attend your show, promote it frequently and consistently and results will slowly but surely follow.


Facebook: If you have it, use it. Status updates, chatting with friends during shows and even direct messages to friends telling them to listen is a great way to get people interested and knowing that you're on. Due to the policy of FB, you can't just go around spamming people, but be discrete and market as you would like to be marketed to. Use your best judgment. Facebook groups are a great way for individual shows to remind people of their shows on a weekly basis, just remember to invite your friends in. Go ahead and join the K-UTE group at Invite all of your friends once you join.


Myspace: If you have a Myspace account, make sure to post bulletins before your shows. You know, the usual. Furthermore, you should add the K-UTE account as a friend at Also, if you know of any bands that would like to be featured on our local showcase, please have them contact moc.liamg|riano.etuk#moc.liamg|riano.etuk so we can book them. We are a great asset to bands trying to get the word out, and I have great passion for helping them out, especially if they are already acquainted with our DJs. If you yourself are interviewing bands on your show, please let me know!


Twitter: Tweet when you have a show if you have twitter. The important thing with Twitter is to keep it dynamic and not only tweet about one thing. Give people who are following you a reason to be interested in you as a person by offering them interesting knowledge, etc.., and then they will naturally come to you when you have a show on. Also, go ahead and follow the K-UTE account at:

DJ of the Week: Each week, management will select a DJ to be featured on the main page of the website, featured in the e-blast, as well as get a special replay of their show on the weekend. This will help reach out your show to an entirely new audience. All you have to do is produce a quality show, podcast it and demonstrate your passion and you will be considered.

SMS: SMS text messaging is an awesome way to reach out. Just be sure that the people you are texting can accept texts and that they're you're friend. I once sent out a "spammish" text and somebody texted me back using a bot that gave me about ninety text messages saying "DO NOT SPAM ME!" Again, use your discretion and know your friends.

Podcast Your Show: If you have a show with a unique blend of music, interesting talking points or something else that you want to share with the world, then by all means, record your show and then upload it. Try this: After you've uploaded your podcast, send out a message to your facebook group and tell them where they can access it. Having a podcasted show allows you to reach out to your audience at their convenience, so if they can't hear you for example, during class, they can when they come home. Try emailing out a link to your podcast every now and then to friends you think may be interested. You never know, maybe they'll end up tuning in weekly if they like what you have to say.

Make a Flier: Our marketing director is always open to meeting with individual DJs in regard to self-marketing, but additionally will work with you in incorporating your show into our general marketing mix. Please contact Sahil Mehta at moc.liamg|ooillih#moc.liamg|ooillih to schedule time with him.


Tell Your Friends to Subscribe to RSS: The more people subscribed to the RSS feed, the better it is for cross-promotion of shows. Plus it's just convenient to have all of your desired shows neatly delivered to you. Make sure you are subscribed to the RSS feed yourself as well by clicking here.

Attend a Remote: A great way to get the word out is to attend and volunteer at remotes. A remote is when the station broadcasts from an alternate location or is otherwise present outside of the studio. The KUTE Wiki is the best way to find out about such events.

Thank you guys for all that you do,
Sean Halls
Station Manager

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